Granny Chav Loves Her Pink Plaything

The midlands is home to some of the hottest girls in the uk and when Wednesday’s hottest granny chav Candi dropped into Chavley Court she soon made herself at home, so much so she soon had her top off giving me the first sight of her sweet boobs, I was just in awe when she squeezed them together, then taking her black skirt off this platinum blonde bombshell lay on my bed in just a pair of bright red knickers, then out of now here she pulled a large pink dildo and started to tease her pussy lips with it.:-)

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Sexy Bilston Brunette Paige Fox Strips

Sexy amateur teen Paige Fox is such a lovely girl with a bit of a wild side, and the most amazing body. It did not take her long to get settled on the bed stripping down to her sexy animal print lingerie, but this sexy chav slut wanted to get even more naughty, teasing me as she slowly got out of her bra and panties, revealing a gorgeous body her pert little boobies, sexy ass and tight pussy. this horny chav is smockin.

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Asian Chav Slut Fucks Her Pussy Hard

Skinny Asian chav slut Amira De Loen lies naked on the bed at Chavley Court looking every bit the chav slut she is, She loves to stroke her sweet little pussy with her fingers, spreading her pussy lips and sliding a finger or two inside making her pussy wet. but some how that just is not enough for this sexy asian chav, no she really needs some cock, but as she is all lone she reaches for her favorite dildo and drills it deep in her pussy, this soon hits the spot and has her moaning with ecstasy.

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Chav Slut With Huge Tits Fucks Dildo

Brunette chav teen slut Serah Jane is a real favourite at Chavley Court, This slutty teen with a plump body and huge breasts is a true nymph and soon slips out of her tracky bottoms and naughty t shirt with Fucking Big Tits on it, and boy it aint wrong they are enormous, what I would not give to get to grips with her tits! I watch in ore as the sleety teen lie’s back on the bed squeezing those tits and spreading her chunky thighs wide open then reaching down with one hand teasing her pussy with her fingers making it all wet, this is a definite turn on for her the pleasure in her face and the little moans are a dead give away. she reaches under the pillow and pulls out a large dildo I watched as she pushed it deep inside her wet cunt and worked it hard, this made my cock as hard as hell and before long the chav teen made me cum.

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Sexy Blonde Chav Cums Again!

Cameron Amore looks so hot as she sits on a rug in a leopard skin top and bright red knickers, the horny blonde is back at Chavlry Court to for her masturbation debut. Although new to the adult industry I must say she was a joy to watch and the masturbation scene is really hot. She says she adores sex and after watching her fuck herself with a dildo I now know how much. One thing puzzles me though she said it was her Masturbation debut? some how I find that hard to believe but what the hell she made one hot solo masturbation video.

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Horny Chav Granny Loves To Fuck!

Sexy uk chav granny Candi Moon has one hot body, the platinum blonde loves to show off her gorgeous curve on her latest visit to chavley court, From the time she got into flat 69 the chav granny was real horny and she soon had her huge 32E tit out of their pouches and started rubbing them vigorously. slipping her denim skirt off she lay back on the bed and pulled her panties to one side and fingered her pussy, But what this nasty amateur chav granny really needed was a good wank with her best friend her hot pink rampant rabbit.

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Cheeky Chav Slut Masie is Hot In Pink

Sexy chav slut Masie Dee has got all the lads in the west midland foaming at the mouth when they see her out and about, and who can blame them for this cheeky minx has a gorgeous sexy body and loves to flaunt, Just like in this saucy pic of the bubbly chav slut she looks so hot in thigh high stripped stocking and coordinated lingerie she is simply amazing. Masie likes the odd bottle of wine this usually has the effect of making her extremely horny, she even has a use for the empty wine bottle? pushing it deep inside her pussy and giving it a good pounding.

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Sweet Asian Pussy Fuck



Asian chav slut Amira De Leon put on a real hot show when she came back to chavley court for another visit, this hot Asian brunette started peeling off her clothes to reveal her hot Asian chav body until she was naked on the hearth rug in front of the gas fire, Man she is hot writhing on the rug ramming a large toy up her cunt and moaning with ecstasy like the right little chav whore she really is.

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Tanya Cox Naked On A Sofa

Hot chav slut Tanya Cox came to visit out two horny guy’s willy and justin at Chavley Court this afternoon, and she had not been in the flat 5 min’s when the birmingham chav gave our intrepid guy’s a flash of her gorgeous tits. Willy whipped out his camera and started to film this hot little minx take t shirt off followed by her jogging bottoms and finally slipping her blue knickers to the floor. Pouring herself a class of Lambrusca and then taking a big sip she relaxed back on the sofa, and then she spotted one of her most favorite things in the world, with a cheeky smile on her lips she reached over and took hold of a big pink dildo. Perched precariously on the edge of the sofa with her legs spread wide this cock lovin chav started to tease her shaven pussy, and then the fun really started, why not pop over to Chavley Court and check her out.

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Big Boobed Chave Lovers Her Bling

Horny chav slut Tanya Cox just loves her visits to Chavley Court, This cock hungry brunette looks real hot as she lies on her bed naked except for a tinny pair of pink ankle socks, doesn’t she look cute? Tanya is a real hot chav slut with the perfect sexy body all natural tits and cute ass, she loves to wear big gold chain even when she is lying on her bed and rubbing her tight pussy.

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